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Not able to login on a website using casperjs

I am trying to login to this website but am unable to do so. Its quite urgent as other processes are stuck due to same.

It would be great if one can come up with a solution script for the same for the mentioned bounty.

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Posted Oct 1 2013 22:42 UTC


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what exactly is unsuccessful? Do you get an error of some kind? can you show your code?

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Posted Oct 2 2013 5:32 UTC

It is necessary to use Phantomjs 1.9.2 with casperjs 1.0.3

//create casper object
var casper = require('casper').create({
    verbose: true,
    logLevel: 'debug'

//set browser user agent
casper.userAgent('Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X)');

//Open URL

casper.then(function() {
    // Click SIGN IN'div#login_user_data a:first-child');

casper.then(function() {

    //fill form
    this.fill('form[name=login_form]', {
        'user_login' : '',
        'password' : 'xxxxxxxx'
    }, false);              

    //submit form
    this.thenClick('input.ml_function_button', function(){

        // Here I'm in my myAccount Page        

        // Do something ...

}); {
    //finish execution script 
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Posted Oct 3 2013 15:15 UTC


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