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Isotope 2nd level of sorting?

Hey there,

So I am attempting to use Isotope to add one more level of sorting to my gallery.

Right now I have images of; All - Dogs - Cats - Birds and sorting works just fine.

But I would like to add movies as well of; All - Dogs - Cats - Birds

However I want to keep the Images and Movies separate. Ultimately I would like the visitor to be presented with a choice: Movies or Photos. That decision, let's say Movies, would then display a DIV with all movies showing by default, along with the next level of selections for sorting (All - Dog - Cat - Bird).

If they then clicked on Photos, the Movies DIV would go away, and now the Photos DIV would display, with all photos showing by default, along with the next level of selections for sorting (All - Dog - Cat - Bird).

I was trying to toggle the Images div and the Movies div. Almost works, but every time I switch from Movies to Photos or back, the images all decide to stack vertically (or straightdown). I can't figure out why it decides to switch to this layout.

I'm also using a separate javascript to toggle the Movie and Photos DIVs. Maybe there is already something set up in Isotope to achieve this and avoid the extra Javascript?

I'll start here without putting up all the code and hopefully someone has delt with this before. But if more info will help, I'll gladly put that up.

Thank you all so much!!


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Posted Aug 21 2013 22:44 UTC


  • jquery

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can you show your code?

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Posted Aug 22 2013 6:45 UTC

Hello user250,

If I'm getting right, you need to filter cases like elements that are dogs and that are movies, elements that are cats are and images, etc.

This can be done by using joined class selector. As you maybe already know, the isotope's filter can work with css selectors, so all you need is to pass the right selector: '', '.cat.image'.


Nikola Boychev

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Posted Aug 23 2013 20:59 UTC

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