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Problem with PictureFill and Isotope

I'm using both Isotope and Picturefill, and I'm 99% certain Picturefill is doing its magic after Isotope does its magic. As a result, Isotope is laying out my items according to height(s) that aren't accurate ... because Picturefill swoops in and adds those images afterward.

If I resize the viewport, Isotope runs again, and everything turns out as desired (because, BOOM, the Picturefill'ed images are already there). I just need this to work out perfectly on page-load as well.

How does a guy like me make sure Picturefill does 100% of its magic before Isotope does?

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Posted Jun 6 2013 23:39 UTC


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  • jquery

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I might've figured it out:

Essentially, the images need one of two things:

  • A defined height, or

  • An additional plugin

I'm going to give this a try and see if it fixes my issue.

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Posted Jun 12 2013 15:58 UTC


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