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Multiple Domains - Wordpress Multisite


I've decided to set up a Wordpress Multisite. Having read a number of articles I don't appear to be any further. So here's what I'm trying to achieve:

  • Set up a Wordpress mutisite

  • Create multiple sites within the network

  • Assign each new sites its own domain

I do not wish to use subdomains or directories, instead, I'm looking at using my own domains.

I have enabled WP multisite and configured it correctly. I have been providied with two plugins that supposedly enable what I am trying to achieve but I must be missing something, ' cause I can't get it to work!


Please help!


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Posted Aug 2 2013 14:05 UTC


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hey Dave ok so you're gonna have to do something called domain mapping this is a somewhat lengthy process but once you the setup once it's very easy to map any new addresses so :

1)login to the cpanle of whatever hosting service you have and scroll down to the domain section

2) you need to figure out whether you need to use a parked domain or an addon domain

  • if your WordPress installation live's inside the root directory of your current domain ( the one you used to create the original wordpress site) use a parked domain where you just enter in the domain name of your site and it automatically gives you the domain root

  • if your wordpress installations exists somewhere else then use an addon domain the process is easy just make sure that your document root is referring to your domain
    so it might be something like "public_html/*" what every is after the / should be your domain name

3) now that the domain has been parked or added on to your hosting plan you need to change the DNS settings for your domain

*(only do this step if your hosting company is deferent then where you got your domain) the first thing you need to know are the DNS servers or name servers of your hosting company so go back to the cpanle chances are your going to find them towards the bottom left of your cpanle just look for your account information (Section)

  • now go to where your domain was registered for example godaddy go into your domain editor

scroll down and look for the "nameserver" section to change you name server hit

" set nameservers" then click specific nameservers and enter in the ones that you found in the last step if your domain company and hosting company are the same just click i have a hosting account with these domains then hit ok then you will have to wait anywhere between 1 - 24 hours.

4)the next step is to install the domain mapping plugin to wordpress i found a video that will show you how to do that . VIDEO

5) it's been along road up until here but now we're actually ready to start mapping a specific domain to one of your child sites inside your wordpress installation

  1. in the network admin dashboard go to settings and click domain mapping

  2. now you need to make sure your server ip adress has been entered in correctly go to enter in your domain name and copy it into where it needs to be if they don't match

  3. now go to the blog/website dashboard on your network you want to map

  4. click tools then domain mapping

  5. enter in your domain name you want to assign for this site and click ok

now your work is done you have successfully mapped a single domain name to one of your wordpress multi site installations

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Posted Aug 3 2013 2:14 UTC


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