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Revolution Slider Loading Issue

I’m using the Revolution Slider that came as part of the Unify responsive website theme, and I\'m finding it loads very slowly and the caption text featured appears as an unordered list for a few seconds prior to the slideshow beginning. You can view the development site here.

The unordered list appears for a varying length of time depending on connection speed, however either way I would like to find a way to stop this appearing, and also find out if there is a way that the slideshow can load quicker as it appears to load once the remainder of the page elements are complete.

Unfortunately the Slider developers could not assist me as the theme developer has customised the code, and generally I\'ve found that developers of themes don\'t respond to problem queries.

Any help with resolving this would be awesome!

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Posted Jul 28 2013 4:43 UTC


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Nikola provided a solution with the following changes to the slider CSS. Works perfectly:

  • added height to '.fullwidthabnner' (300px). Because the banner is fluid in width and height, the plugin adds height when it load and rewrites the 300px added from me (added little transition so there is no jump)

  • added opacity:0 to inner elements, then rewrite it to opacity:1 when the slider is loaded. This will make sure that nothing in the banner is visible until it's load (added transition, to make sure that there will be no blink)

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Posted Jul 30 2013 21:08 UTC


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