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Isotope checkbox filtering combined with search.

I'm working on a site with checkbox filtering, but I need a search field also. I've found the resources for making it work, but would like some help for putting it together.

The checkbox filtering is based upon:

I've found a search function her:

The search function isn't combined with checkbox filtering at that is what I need.

My example site can be seen here:

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Posted Jun 20 2014 3:17 UTC


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Here is an implementation of your two examples combined

Let me know if you need help adjusting it for your website.
(not sure what you want to search there..)

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Posted Jun 21 2014 11:40 UTC

That is very close :-)

Is it possible to easily narrow the search field's function to only work by searching for one field and only for numbers?

Example: Only search in field uk-size and search only for the numbers 8, 9, 10 etc.

The reason I am asking is because the searchfield on the site I'm working on should be working this way. Sorry for not describing it initially.

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Posted Jun 22 2014 1:31 UTC

I have updated the codepen ( to search in specific sub-node of each isotope item (the one with class size) and i have also incorporated your code to use ranges instead of just a number.

(in the example code i have added another element which is to be used for the searching, to avoid having to parse the number out of the "uk-size8" etc strings)

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Posted Jun 22 2014 2:39 UTC


This didn't solve your task? Get your own custom solution.

Thanks Gaby for your solution and time :-)

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Posted Jun 23 2014 5:08 UTC

Is it possible to combine the solution with URL-filter/hashchange.

I would like to link to the page prefiltered and I having difficulty finding proper documentation on Hashchange in version V2 of isotope.

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Posted Jun 25 2014 5:14 UTC

Hey, I need an answer to this exact question but the codepen-code Gaby posted ins now broken? can anyone help get it working again?

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Posted Nov 18 2014 8:47 UTC

@pixeltooth, corrected the little bug (was left over from my attempt to solve funkl's added question)

And added the hash management as well.

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Posted Nov 19 2014 5:35 UTC

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