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getting object of type \'map\' has no len() when running syncdb wi

I recently just setup the python-social-auth 0.1.8 so i can support social authentication in my django 1.5 projects, here is a link I\'m running Python 3.3 right now. I have followed all of the install directions here: So I have done this: INSTALLED_APPS = ( ... \'social.apps.django_app.default\', ... ) I am using Postgres 2.0 with PostGIS extensions if that matters. When I try to run syncdb to setup the models and sync the database I keep getting the error object of type \'map\' has no len(). I am sure it is from the social app and not from any of my existing models. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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Posted Jul 26 2013 2:11 UTC


  • django

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As far as I know, Django-social-auth doesn\'t support Django 1.5 (custom user model). I tried using it, and even started porting the code myself, but gave up after having problems on syncdb.. rings a bell? As \"python-social-auth\" is a port of it, it might have the same problems. I recommend you check \"AllAuth\" instead. That\'s what I currently implement (still in progress, but in better place).

Hope it helps, Or Meirov

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Posted Jul 26 2013 10:54 UTC


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Posted Sep 29 2013 5:02 UTC

bemis82, still a problem? There was a lot of progress in the last two months.

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Posted Oct 7 2013 21:26 UTC

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