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Exempt child element from parent element's "overflow: hidden" CSS property?

Working on setting up a bootstrap carousel here:

The bootstrap carousel has the option to add captions to each slide by adding a div element with the class .carousel-caption, within any div element with the class .item. The captions are working just fine but by default they show up on top of the slides. Since my carousel is being used for video content I don't want the captions on top of the video but rather below it. I tried to do this by changing the "bottom" CSS property of the .carousel-caption element to a negative value to push it below the carousel but the problem is the necessary parent .carousel-inner element has the "overflow" CSS property set to "hidden." If I change that property, I can push the captions below the carousel but then the slides in the carousel are briefly visible when they slide to either the left or right, which is not what i want at all :) Is there a way to exempt the .carousel-caption element from its parent .carousel-inner element's "overflow: hidden" CSS property? Or link each slide content to an element that is outside the .carousel-inner element? Seems like the latter might be more complicated. I don't know. Thanks for any help!

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Posted Jun 10 2014 13:39 UTC


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By below it do you mean under the current 2 circles below the image?

If you don't want to edit the source plugin, you could copy the code with jQuery into another div id that you set to show up where you want it, and then remove the original code.

Do you need an example of how to do it that way?

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Posted Jun 10 2014 14:19 UTC

Moving the caption below the slider is as simple as adding this CSS:

.carousel-caption {
    position: relative;

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Posted Jun 10 2014 14:26 UTC

Ah just realized that doesn't work in BS3 ...

So here's an example using BS3 and jQuery:

Just edited it as well ( 6:07 PM EST ) to work with WP as you have to declare jQuery

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Posted Jun 10 2014 14:36 UTC


This didn't solve your task? Get your own custom solution.

Fix for your other task fixes this too.

If you change your jQuery ready to this, you captions will be under videos and your videos responsive and automatically fiting to the parent container.

    // Target carousel container
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Posted Jun 10 2014 23:01 UTC

Thanks everyone! tripfex, that worked better than birth control and condoms at the same time.

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Posted Jun 11 2014 9:37 UTC

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