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The transitionend event is not firing consistently in FireFox without

The transitionend event is not firing consistently in FireFox without overflow hidden

I\'m running into an issue on Firefox (v20.0.1) where it will not fire the transitionend event consistently. If I keep the overflow: hidden style on the animating div, it works fine.

I created an example to illustrate:

This example works fine in Chrome and IE10, but in Firefox you won\'t see the transitionend event fired on the second click. Then on the third click, it will fire twice and both elements will be hidden. If you comment out the page.removeClass(\'is-animating\') line, it fires the event properly.

Back story on the removing overflow: hidden: the actual code has divs that overflow out of the containers and cannot be hidden.

I want to know why it\'s not firing the event on the second click, and as a bonus, why the overflow: hidden is effecting that.

Note: This questions has been copied from Stack Overflow. It was posted a few months ago and still not answered. Posted by harryfino. The bounty is provided by CodersClan.

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Posted Jul 25 2013 19:10 UTC


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This is a common bug in firefox. I think it\'s because of adding two classes in the same time. The solution is very simple - just wrap the addClass methods in timeout:

setTimeout( function(){
    if (direction === \'in\') {
    } else {
}, 50);


Nikola Boychev

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Posted Jul 25 2013 20:13 UTC


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