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Custom login flow with Python Social Auth for passwordless login

As I've tried to explain here: I'm trying to implement a passwordless login flow, where users would supply an email and login / signup with this email through a unified flow.

I maybe thinking wrong from the start. Because 'python social auth' is using session to hold the state of the pipeline, you cannot initiate login from one device and then login with another, for example receive the auth email from your mobile device and decide to login with it.

Instead of using the built-in email validation, it maybe better to implement one that would carry the email and the token in the email so the user can initiate the process and login with any device. I'm open to suggestions.

If you are interested I may give access to the project's Github repo.

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Posted Jun 10 2014 7:25 UTC


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    Python Social Auth

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Hi @omat.

I've created a simple application to show how to make a passwordless authentication mechanism with python-social-auth.

The process is quite simple, the user fills a form with the email, a notification is sent to that address with a link that has an UUID token. The token is validated and the auth process continues. If this is a signup, a new user will be created, otherwise the user is retrieved by that email and it's logged in.

You can find the code at, feel free to ask me any question.

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Posted Jun 10 2014 14:38 UTC


This didn't solve your task? Get your own custom solution.

Hi Matias,

Thanks for the solution. It's working fine now. I needed to upgrade to 2.0-dev version as stated in the requirements file and I needed to update some parts accordingly like pipeline methods' argument changes.

Looking forward for the 2.0 release : )

P.S: You can have a look at the live implementation here at

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Posted Jun 11 2014 4:05 UTC

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