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Isotope / safari problems


In Safari my isotope driven layout fails in two ways:

1) On window resize, or rotation of an iOS device, isotope doesn\'t readjust the layout of the items on the page and leaves objects at the wrong size and/or incorrectly falling across each other etc

2) In Safari, the widths\' of my isotope items are not reflecting the widths set in my CSS. It\'s a responsive layout and viewed at it\'s max-width, in Chrome, Firefox and IE, the items are set to a width of 25%, resulting in 4 cols of items. In Safari it lays out the items in to two columns

The second item here is much less important than the first!

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Posted Jul 10 2013 11:05 UTC


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Sorry, should have added a Url -

Edit: Both answers were accepted.

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Posted Jul 10 2013 11:06 UTC


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try this for the first issue

$(window).on(\"resize\",function(){ $(\".recent_posts\").isotope(\'reLayout\'); });

for the 2nd, I didn\'t quite understand. can you provide a screenshot?

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Posted Jul 10 2013 13:56 UTC

Hello amort2000,

For the 2nd issue - you have a CSS problem. You are not closing one of the media queries - just add \'}\' at line 345 in style.css, so it should looks like this:

.search .post {
@media only screen and (min-width: 900px) {
.home .post, .category-blog .post, .search .post {
    width: 33.3333333333333%


Nikola Boychev

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Posted Jul 10 2013 14:04 UTC

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