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Create a simple webapp - Economic Value Calculator

I need a simple html application that would take three inputs.

  1. Enter your age you wish to retire 65
  2. Enter your current age. 25
  3. Enter your annual salary. 25,000

    The output would subtract item 2 from item 1,multiply the result by item 3. For example age to retire is 65 Current age is 25 Annual salary is $25,000 The output would be 1,000,000 because difference between ages 40 years and 40 x 25,000 is $1,000,000.

enter image description here

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Posted Mar 20 2014 2:00 UTC


  • Assigned To avladev
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  • javascript

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I'm working on your task using HTML and JS. will get back to you shortly.

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Posted Mar 20 2014 6:33 UTC

This is DEAD SIMPLE with no styling (just functionality). If you need something more fancy let me know.

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Posted Mar 20 2014 6:46 UTC

Simple app with bootstrap and AngularJS.

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Posted Mar 20 2014 7:01 UTC

result formatted to $:

If you want result updated on every key press:

Added some margin and make text bold:

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Posted Mar 20 2014 7:17 UTC

Mine uses Boostrap 3 and jQuery also accepts dollar sign and separators in the salary input. Outputs with $ (dollar sign) and thousands separator.

You can check it here:

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Posted Mar 20 2014 7:32 UTC


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