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Removal of popup function

First off - I am no programmer myself so please take that into consideration when replying.

Short description: I want to stop the function on a page that produces a popup and instead be able to link to web page.

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I do not know which file contains the javascript that creates the popup. But here is the html for creating one of the items. On row 5, I would like to be able to link to any page instead of the a href="#"

<div class="gn1gn2 saucebowls mix item col-md-4 mix_all" style="display: inline-block; opacity: 1;">

<div class="portfolio-item-container">

<div class="three-col portfolio-item">

<img alt="" class="item-image" src="/portals/0/Images/Accessories/GD673still.jpg" />

<a href="#" class="overlay zoom">

<div class="preview-links">

<span class="zoom">

<em class="micon-play"></em>





<div class="item-meta-container">

<h4 class="item-title">Flexible Insert for Pots & Pans GD 673<span contenteditable="true" class="Normal LabelEditTextClass" style="width: 100%; overflow-x: hidden; overflow-y: auto;"></span>(FLEX)</h4>

<ul class="categories">

<li>Art.No: 14454</li>


<p class="item-desc">Sliding, flexible insert for pots and pans, incl 1 spare rubberband.

<br />

<br />

<br />




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Posted Mar 13 2014 0:49 UTC


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Try the following. In that a tag, set the href property to the page you want to go to. Then, remove the class attribute.

<a href="/MyPage.aspx">This is my link text</a>

That should work

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Posted Mar 13 2014 1:07 UTC

Open the following file :-

Go to line number 335 and replace




And in html

<a href="#" class="overlay zoom">

update href with the url where you want to redirect instead of #.

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Posted Mar 13 2014 1:21 UTC


This didn't solve your task? Get your own custom solution.

You could change code:

<img alt="" class="item-image" src="/portals/0/Images/Accessories/GD673still.jpg" />
<a href="#" class="overlay zoom">

To this one:

<a href="/portals/0/Images/Accessories/GD673still.jpg">
    <img alt="" class="item-image" src="/portals/0/Images/Accessories/GD673still.jpg" />

But it's would be link to image, not web page. If you want to get link to web page you should edit aspx files (GranuleFlexi-AccessoriesInserts.aspx for example) or create new ones. Aspx files produce html and combine it with js and css.

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Posted Mar 13 2014 1:22 UTC

You will definitely need to alter some source code, and without knowing what and where to change it would be hard. I could do this for you and explain the changes, but I will need access to the code. Could you contact me for details?

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Posted Mar 13 2014 1:30 UTC

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