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AngularJs - stackoverflow markdown editor

Any !good! recommendations for an angularjs markdown editor which has the same functionality like this here or that on stackoverflow?

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Posted Feb 19 2014 8:52 UTC



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The StackOverflow editor is called pagedown and is open source:

This site also uses pagedown.

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Posted Feb 19 2014 9:58 UTC

StackEdit is based on pagedown and is open source as well:

Try out the demo here:

The documentation is quite good!

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Posted Feb 22 2014 12:00 UTC

I haven't found any good AngularJs markdown editors that were not wrappers for another lib (and I have been looking). I'm hoping for an angularjs version of or .

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Posted Feb 24 2014 21:47 UTC

Here is a plunker for markdown editor using an angular directive.

Hope this helps you.

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Posted Nov 4 2014 21:40 UTC

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