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txt.textualizer is not a function

Mi html is :

EssentialRoses -->

} -->' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' />


  <div class="section_slogan"><img src="images/quote-right.png" alt="images" /><span class="cursive">  <div id="txtlzr"> </div> </span><img src="images/quote-left.png" alt="images" /></div>
$(function() { var list = ['Textualizer is a jQuery plug-in that allows you to transition through blurbs of text. ' ,'When transitioning to a new blurb, any character that is common to the next blurb is kept on the screen, and moved to its new position.' , 'Textualize: verb - to put into text, set down as concrete and unchanging. Use Textualizer to transition through blurbs of text.' , 'Blurb: noun - a short summary or some words of praise accompanying a creative work. A promotional description.']; var txt = $('#txtlzr'); txt.textualizer(list, { centered: true }); txt.textualizer('start'); })


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Posted Dec 13 2013 3:18 UTC


  • jquery

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make sure to load the textualizer.js after the page has been loaded and before you call the script to textulaize your text

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Posted Dec 13 2013 6:40 UTC

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