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Integrating Isotope in Rails Application and Foundation 5

I am trying to utilize isotope in my application. I am doing a dynamic card layout. Cards contain a photo and some text. I am using Foundation 5 as the front end framework and Ruby on Rails for the backend. I followed the directions on the site to set up isotope and I cannot get it working.

I placed the JavaScript plugin that runs on the page at the bottom of the html and all other JavaScript files along with the rest of the application Javascript. All external JavaScript is loading and being recognized by the page. I feel it is something with the script running in the HTML.

If someone can figure out how to get the isotope card layout working with a Rails application with Foundation 5 that would be great. A mini example project would be helpful, or just information on where to place everything etc would be great too.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: The issue is the Javascript that runs on the page is not being hit. I used alerts to see if it was run and it never is.

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Posted Dec 7 2013 15:27 UTC


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I figured it out. Had to load the inline script via an external javascript file.

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Posted Dec 7 2013 16:36 UTC


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