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Gravity Forms Time Calculation

I'm looking to calculate the hours/minutes between to time fields within a Gravity Forms form.

I also then want to total the number of hours/minutes between several fields.

Think of the form as a clock in and clock out type form.

Day 1: User clocks in at 09:00 and clocks out at 17:30 the total between the two would be 08:30 (8 hours and 30 minutes)

Day 2: User clocks in at 08:55 and clocks out at 12:45 the total between the two would be 03:50 (3 hours and 50 minutes)

Total: Day 1 Total + Day 2 Total = 12:20 (12 hours and 20 minutes)

Thanks in advance.

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Posted Dec 5 2013 15:47 UTC


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I think we can make this, if you want write me a PM.

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Posted Dec 23 2013 10:26 UTC

user905 I am Looking for the same sort of thing, to be in a gravity form to send to HR to correct time clock entries. I have a basic form but it does not filter for time math entry errors or total the hours. If the $25 reward is still good, I will chip in.

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Posted May 17 2014 14:45 UTC

@user2144 I've developed this now if you want to have a look and test it I can provide a link.

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Posted May 18 2014 0:18 UTC

Hi Dave...... That would be great . Please send the link Thanks

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Posted May 19 2014 9:05 UTC

Hi Dave, a task for this has been opened here , you can post your solution there.


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Posted May 19 2014 12:06 UTC


i search the same solution... but i need this also for night working.

I want to calculate the time and i need this also in my PDF Document?

Can u help?

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Posted Feb 5 2016 12:09 UTC

Anyone find a solution for this? I'd PM Dave, but his domain has vanished, so I guess he's not in business any more.

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Posted Jan 1 2017 14:33 UTC

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