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Isotope items scaling transition

I am using the latest version of isotope and I want the same zoom/scale functionality as the example websites seen on

When the above page loads, the website examples that one sees (these are loaded into the page dynamically using javascript index.html line 362...they are coming from zootools?) zoom or scale in. I don't know how to make my images do this.

What can I do to make my images zoom in like David's?



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Posted Jun 12 2013 0:00 UTC


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Add your elements to another div of class "container" -

<div id="alpha" class="container">
        <!-- Add your items like this one -->
    <li class="example isotope-item" data-number="45">
        <a href="" target="_blank">  
            <img src="img/test.png" />
            <b>Standard static site with vertical</b>

add this to your css so this container would be invisible -

#alpha { display: none; }

and add this to your javascript -

var $alpha = $('#alpha');
      var $container = $('#container');

        itemSelector: '.example',
             }).isotope( 'insert', $alpha.find('.example'));

This should make Isotope add the hidden items from the alpha container automatically on startup and cause the appending animation to work.

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Posted Jun 12 2013 18:21 UTC


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