Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

What is CodersClan?

CodersClan is a community-driven marketplace for getting code done. We provide you with quick and reliable solutions for code tasks and projects. You create a task or several tasks and we assign the right coders to complete it for you.

How are you different from existing solutions?

CodersClan offers simple and reliable solutions for both small tasks and multiple ongoing tasks. As opposed to other freelancer platforms, you do not deal with the hiring process, something we believe is extremely error prone and time consuming; we do this for you. Our fail-safe system ensures that the most qualified coder is assigned for your work, by allowing only pre-vetted coders to participate in your task, and tracking ongoing tasks to ensure successful work. To create a task click here.

How do you ensure the quality of your coders?

We place much emphasis on the quality of our coders. All of our coders undergo a reviewal process for expertise and verification. We take a ‘fail-safe’ approach in order to guarantee the best experience for our clients by always remaining in the background and making sure our coders deliver according to our high standards.

How do you ensure the quality of work?

The code of the work is visible to the customer for review before the customer gives the final approval. If for any reason you're not happy with the work, we guarantee 100% money back.

Where are your coders located?

Our coders come from many different areas in the world including US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

What's the difference between a single task and multiple tasks?

Single task
When you need just one task done. This could be anything from adding features to your site, fixing bugs, tweakings on site, API integrations, WordPress related tasks, and so on.

Multiple tasks
When you have several tasks related to the same project or ongoing work. Some use cases include: several tweaks to your website, UI enhancements, SQL optimizations, and so on.

If you have a question, click the chat icon located at the bottom right side of the screen or email us at: we always answer.

What's the difference between standard and premium tasks?

Standard tasks
Your task is assigned to a verified coder with a proven track record.

Premium tasks
Your task is assigned to an expert coder carefully handpicked for you.

To get started with your task click here

What if I'd like to keep my code private?

Your code is 100% private.

Your task description is only visible to our curated coders until it is assigned to a coder. Then, all correspondence remains between you and the coder. No one else can see it, aside from CodersClan employees.

What if no one responds to my task?

The CodersClan team and its coders monitor all tasks and provide feedback for unattended tasks so that they are taken care of. No one is left behind.

What if I'm not happy with the work?

If for any reason you’re not happy with the work, we can assign your task to a different coder or refund your money in full. Just send an email to with your details.


When do I need to make a payment?

You'll be prompted to pay upon submission of a new task.

What are your payment methods?

We accept credit cards and Bitcoin.

How do I choose the right price for my tasks?

When you open a new task and fill out the description, our price calculator suggests the most appropriate price for the task. This is based on a smart algorithm that takes into account similar previous tasks and the amount of work required. If coders feel that the price still does not reflect the amount of work, they may request a raise. In this case you'd be notified and decide whether or not to accept the raise.


How do I participate as a coder?

In order to become a coder, you can sign up here. Make sure to connect your LinkedIn account. We will review your profile and if approved you will be notified by email.

How can I become a premium coder?

In order to become a premium coder, you'll need to do the following:
  1. Complete at least 10 standard tasks with a 5-star rating.
  2. Connect your StackOverflow account on your profile page. We'll measure your stats from StackOverflow to estimate your skill level. We look for high reputation and accepted solutions in various fields. If we find that you're a good fit, you'll be notified by email and receive additional instructions to getting started.

What are star ratings?

Each coder has a star rating in his profile for which they get rated per completed tasks by the task authors. Star rating can either reward you with additional clan points or have clan points reduced, see complete list below.

What are Clan Points?

The Clan points system reflects coders’ activity and engagement level on CodersClan. You can gain Clan Points for almost every action on CodersClan, see complete list of actions below.

You gain Clan Points for:
  • 5 star rating per completed task = 100
  • 4 star rating per completed task = 50
  • Connecting Linkedin/Stackoverflow account = 20
  • Each additional profile field = 5
  • Having a full profile = 5
  • Providing feedback on tasks = 10
  • Becoming a standard coder = 100
  • Becoming a premium coder = 500
You lose Clan Points for:
  • 2 star rating per completed task = -20
  • 1 star rating per completed task = -50

What do I get from Clan Points?

We plan on adding some form of rewards to compensate coders upon reaching a certain number of Clan Points. We will update soon, stay tuned!

How is the reward divided?

For each task completed, 70% goes to the coder. We collect 25%, while an additional 5% is transferred to the OSS project authors or a charity of their choice.

When can I expect to get paid and how?

Payments are made on a monthly basis, by the 10th of each month, and refer only to tasks completed the month before. For example on May 10th you will get paid for all tasks completed on April. Currently payouts only support PayPal so make sure your PayPal email address is updated in your account.

I've completed a task but the author is yet to confirm my solution. Now what?

In such cases, we will contact the author to understand why the solution has not been accepted. It may simply be that they had not had a chance to review the code. If this is due to other reasons such as that the author is not satisfied with the work, they would be asked to explain the issue so that you can make changes accordingly.

CodersClan for Trello

What is CodersClan Trello extension?

CodersClan for Trello is a Chrome extension that allows you to submit tasks directly through your own Trello board. We built this because many of our customers manage their projects on Trello, one of the most popular project management tools and wanted to allow our customers to use their own tools when outsourcing their code tasks.

Will coders be able to view my Trello board?

No, no one is ever able to view your Trello boards. When creating a task (card) on Trello, you need to click the CodersClan button on the bottom right and additional details including a price for your task and a payment method. Only once you click 'send' your task is submitted to us. Nothing is shared with us unless you click 'send'.

What happens when I submit a task through Trello?

Once you submit a task through Trello, your task will be sent to CodersClan to be reviewed, added to the appropriate channel and assigned to a coder.

What kind of tasks can be submitted through Trello?

You can submit any code task or multiple tasks just as you would directly on CodersClan. You can view some task examples here.

Are you going to add integrations to additional project management tools?

Yes, we plan on adding extensions to other popular tools such as JIRA, Asana and Slack.

Intellectual Property

Who owns the legal rights to tasks and projects delivered by CodersClan developers?

The clients own full proprietorship to their work. For more information please refer to our Terms.

Can we sign an NDA?

It may be possible to sign an NDA, please contact us if you're interested.